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Науково-практичний журнал‚ заснований Київським національним університетом імені Тараса Шевченка

Article investigates the administrative procedural relations which exist in sphere of action of administrative courts. The place of these establishes the relations in administrative law of Ukraine. For this purpose author investigates the legal nature of norms of administrative legal proceedings; analyzes the legislation on administrative courts; considers practice of work of administrative courts; studies history of administrative judicial system; analyzes scientific research in the sphere administrative law, administrative process, functioning of judicial system; studies drafts of normative documents in the sphere of administrative legal proceedings. As a result of the research author proposed definition of the administrative process.


Rohoza Y. E. Development of the principles of openness and transparency in European legal doctrine

    The article deals with analysis of the principles of openness and transparency in public administration. The evolution of these principles in European doctrinal tradition is analyzed. Development of the principles of openness and transparency in the constitutional and legislative context are reviewed.

    The wide and narrow concepts of openness are examined. Different defi nitions of the categories «openness» and «transparency» are proposed. The scientifi c approaches by foreign scientists are divided into two groups considering the substantive and procedural aspects of openness and transparency.

    The article also provides different forms of normative regulation regarding these principles. The differentiation between the requirements of openness and transparency are formed.

    The suggestions as to the forms and methods concerning administrative legal regulation of the defi ned principles in the national doctrine are made. It is justifi ed that adoption  of the Ukrainian Code of Good Administration and the Administrative Procedure Code would improve the implementation of the principles of openness and transparency in public administration in both Ukrainian legislation system and national legal doctrine.


 Daruha V. A. Procedural principles of good administration and the problems of improving the national legislation

    The article investigates problem issues of fi xing and implementing procedural principles of good administration, in particular the principle of participation, charges for administrative decisions and forms of administrative decisions. In the article we summarize positive experience of Western European countries and its problems of usage in the Ukrainian legislation.

    The fi rst time the principles of public administration were identifi ed in the manual «Administration and You» as a result of a comprehensive study made by the Council of Europe. These principles were divided into the following groups: «1) material (basic) principles: the principle of legality, the principle of equality before the law, the principle of proportionality, the principle of objectivity and impartiality, the principle of protection the legal rights, the principle of responsibility; and 2) procedural principles: the principle of public access to (public) services, the right to be heard, the right to representation and support, the principle of a reasonable time (period), the principle of implementation the administrative decisions and the right to appeal the administrative decisions». Later the Council of Europe prepared the preliminary draft recommendation on good administration and consolidated Model code of good administration. According to the Model code of good administration the procedural principles are: requests from private persons, right of private person to be heard with the regard to individual decisions, right of private to be involved in certain non-regulatory decisions, charges for administrative decisions, form of administrative decisions, publication of administrative decision, publication of administrative decision, entry into force of administrative decisions, execution of administrative decisions, changes to individual administrative decisions.

    In the article we focus on the three procedural principles of public administration: principle of participation, charges for administrative decisions and form of administrative decisions. The principle of participation means that public authorities shall ensure participation by private persons through appropriate means in the development and implementation of administrative measures which concern them.

    The principle of charges for administrative decisions means that charges if payable by private person to public authorities in respect of administrative decisions shall be fair and reasonable. The principle of form of the administrative decisions means that administrative decisions shall be formulated in simple and clear language that is easily understood by private person to whom they are directed.

    Author has concluded that the following problems must be resolved: harmonization of legislation in the sphere of charge for administrative decisions, approval of the Administrative procedural code of Ukraine, create better opportunities for participation private persons in the development and implementation of administrative measures that affect them.

Ponkin I. V., Ponkina H. I. Public fi nancial support of professional sport: pro et contra 

    The article investigates legal possibilities, conditions and limits of public fi nancial support of professional sport. This article describes the arguments against public fi nancial support of professional sport and the arguments for public fi nancial support of professional sport.


Chornous A. G. Current problems in distinguishing terms «medical care» and «medical service»

    The article is devoted to the research of the legal nature of such legal categories as «medical care» and «medical service». The correlation between the existing legal regulation and scientifi c papers was studied in order to distinguish the particular categories, own defi nitions were proposed.

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