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Науково-практичний журнал‚ заснований Київським національним університетом імені Тараса Шевченка

 Komzyuk V. Administrative or criminal responsibility for breaking customs rules? (About contradictions of regulations of paragraph 458 of the Customs code of Ukraine)

    This article’s purpose was to analyze considerations of administrative liability, by researching scientifi c opinions of scientists and to reveal contradictions, disparity to scientific opinion, law, grounds of legal liability of regulations of paragraph 458 part two of the Customs code of Ukraine and to propose amendments to remove present contradictions.

    In the article is examined the question of administrative liability for breaking customs law, motives of administrative and criminal liability are determined, impossibility of holding responsible for crime, breaking customs law.

Tagiev S. R. Comparative analysis of criminal responsibility for attack at judge, people's assessors and jurors.
The analysis of the criminal codes of foreign countries, providing criminal responsibility for attacks on persons who realize justice, including judges, people's assessors and jurors is useful for public review of foreign legislation, and for its possible incorporation into national law. Bringing Ukrainian legislation to European standards under the provisions established within the Council of Europe and the European Union for European crimi- nal law is a necessary condition for large-scale reforms in Ukraine, including in the area of criminal justice. Responsibility for the attack on the judge, people's assessor, juror provided for in legislation of many countries in the world, although the approaches to the settlement of criminal protection of this category of people is quite diverse. Unquestion- ably, only by means of legal protection of persons carrying out justice, the issue of judicial independence wasn’t resolved. It is unable to create a reliable shield of justice only using sanctions. However, increasing the efficiency and safety of judges, people's assessors and jurors through their criminal legal protection is an important element of deterrence from criminal attacks. Criminal legal protection of judge, assessor or juror is an important as- pect of independence of the person who administers justice, and therefore is of great impor- tanceforthe efficiency of the entire judiciaryasawhole, enablestherealitiesof life to create a democratic judiciary.

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