Адміністративне правo і процес
ISSN: 2227-796X (Print), ISSN: 2617-8354 (Online)

Науково-практичний журнал‚ заснований Київським національним університетом імені Тараса Шевченка


Otradnova О. О. State as a participant of civil tort relations

    The article is devoted to the analysis of states participation in civil relations of noncontractual damage compensation (torts). The author explores problematic questions of states characteristic as a victim in torts and a possibility to use articles of Chapter 82 of the Civil code of Ukraine to such relations. Also the peculiarities of damage, caused by state bodies and state servants, compensation are analyzed in the article. The author pays attention to the conditions of special Civil codes norms use for such relations. In the article there is also a conclusion about exact state bodies which should be defendants in such cases.


Nadzhafguliev R. The practice of administrative and legal regulation of counteraction to extremism and other socio-negative phenomena in several countries of the CIS

    Extremism manifests itself in trends grouping of people in society. In many countries, a part of the society discriminates against small nations that prevents them from participating in social and political life. In such society are dominated illegal methods, dramatically increasing the facts of physical violence.

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